Sony A6400 Anti-Glare Expert Shield

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Your Smartest Decision.

You’ve spent a pretty penny on your Sony A6400 so you’d like the screen to stay smart. Some people get the same joy from a newborn baby, but for you, it's the A6400 - we are ok with that.  

Let’s have a look at why you’ll want to trust Expert Shield to keep your baby fully protected......for life! Yes, until you declare your A6400 dead....we will protect your baby like it was our very own under our Lifetime Guarantee.

Also fits the A6100.

Anti-Glare vs Crystal Clear.

Expert Shield developed a matte version of our screen protector to diffuse light to help photographers use their LCDs in sunlight. While this helps you view your LCD under the bright sunlight - the light diffusion will reduce clarity by 3-5% under normal lighting conditions and/or indoor conditions. If you use your camera indoors more than outdoors - we recommend our original Crystal Clear version. See pictures of the light diffusion affect below. 

A video review of the Anti-Glare properties in real-life use compared to Crystal Clear. 

Just fit and forget.

At Expert Shield we’re all about simplicity. We understand you just want to fit a screen protector and be done with it. Who wants to be shopping for a new screen protector every few weeks?

Your Expert Shield uses a ‘dry fit’ system. With our easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll find it a doddle to fit in just minutes. Any problems? Unlikely! But if you do, just get in touch. It’s guaranteed. We won’t let you down.

In it for the long haul.

A correctly fitted Expert Shield will stay on your screen for eons. The only way it’s coming off is if you want it to. Just so you know, to remove a screen protector just use a bit of good quality sticky tape affixed to one corner. It will allow you to lift it off without damaging the corner, or your fingernail. We don’t use glue either, so they’ll never be any residue left behind on your screen should you wish to remove it. To save or wash your protector, simply affix the gel side down onto the sticky side of some tape. It’ll keep any dust away.

If you click on the small diagram above you’ll see how your Expert Shield is constructed. We use an ultra-hard layer sandwiched within the protector to provide an unmatched, deep level of protection. It’ll stop sharper objects from penetrating through to your screen. The surface layer absorbs lighter scratches to keep your screen looking dashingly scratch free for longer. For the lifetime of your device, in fact.

Why so expensive?

We’re not cheap, and we don’t pretend to be. Our anti-glare coating is the best in the industry and diffuses light efficiently with the lowest reduction in optical clarity (only 3-5%). If you want to trust your tech with a cheap protector, please look elsewhere. What we can provide is a truly amazing product. We’ll even bend over backwards to help you out if you ever have any trouble with your Expert Shield. With your Expert Shield you’ll get the best guarantee around, no scratches, no bubbles, no hassle, for the lifetime of your device. Need your protector replacing? Just send it back.

We’ll even refund your return postage. Our returns & guarantee policy is one of the most effortless you’ll find. And before you ask, we don’t hide behind lawyer-slick small print, hidden fees or force you to jump through hoops in the unlikely event you’d ever need to call on us.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy today. And stop worrying.

Our Customers Love US.

Hundreds of 5-star reviews. Don't just take our word for it. We want you to be 100% happy with your purchase and encourage you to read and research our product and how strongly we stand behind each and every screen protector we sell.

Enjoy this video, thousands of people have enjoyed it. 

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