About Us

Why we do, what we do...

Back in the day, I bought myself a shiny new Nokia N95. People still speak in hushed tones about that phone. Great pictures, voice recognition, more memory than an elephant. We were perfect together. *Sob*. These miss you nights are the longest.


Anyway, a friend suggested that I should invest in a screen protector. But after having a good search around, I found that the options weren’t great. The cheap multipacks were less useful than a chocolate fireguard and the more expensive ones were, well, too expensive. A light bulb appeared above my head as I realised that there was a gap in the market.


I made the decision to take it on. Working with a couple of blokes I found on the Internet trusted associates, I created Expert Shield and now make the best screen protectors that money can buy. I also threw in a lifetime warranty, to make them even better.


To keep scratches away from your device, we used three layers. There’s our special silicone gel layer, which allows you to apply your protector with ease and stops it peeling up over time – plus there’s no residue. Next, there’s the ultra-hard mask which stops deeper scratches. Finally, the top layer absorbs any other damage like an in-the-prime-of-his-life boxer would.


Hand in hand with this awesome product quality is serving the customer (that’s you).


Hey there.


Now, we understand that it’s fashionable to claim to be great at customer service. But how many times have you waited months for a product? – A kettle for instance – which in the end turns out to be made out of other old, used kettles? When you call them, you talk to a machine – which is nowhere near as efficient as WOPR. After working your way through “Option Boards” you get connected to a less than helpful member of staff, who is clearly playing Candy Crush in the background.


But not with us – We prefer to play The Simpsons Tapped Out (only joking).


Everything’s guaranteed for life of you beautiful device. You place an order and it’ll (99.9% of the time) be dispatched the same day. Your product is bespoke for your device. And we confidently promise a scratch-free screen and bubble-free application.


At Expert Shield, our philosophy is “fit and forget”, not “fit, fumble, fiddle….. Oh, what’s the F****** point!?!


So purchase some tranquility of body and mind today.